Facebook, Zynga Sign Deal With Suspected Devil

Alleged "gangster and racketeer" behind firm investing in Facebook, Zynga

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    Mark Zuckerberg had better hope Alisher Usamanov find him more valuable alive than dead.

    Alisher Usmanov is known as "the hard man of Russia," but the investment company he owns a third of, DST Holdings, is offering easy money to Facebook employees with some company shares to spare.

    According to Russian reports, Digital Sky Technologies has offered another $100 million to Facebook employees in exchange for their shares. The company had earlier invested $200 million in Facebook and offered another $100 million to employees.

    It's also good news for Zynga, which received $180 million from DST and a promise to buy employee shares.

    Zynga and Facebook might want to watch out, though. Another holding company controlled by Usamanov bought a stake in Megafon, but Megafon shareholder Leonid Rozhetskin said he was physically threatened into making a deal.

    Rozhetskin has since disappeared, though it's not clear if he's dead or in a witness protection program in the United States.

    And Usamanov is not necessarily a friend of free speech or privacy on the Web -- he has worked to have critics silenced online, particularly if they accuse Usamanov of being a mobster.

    Jackson West doesn't think Facebook's new privacy controls will be all that effective against the CIA or the FSB.