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Facebook's SNL Hosting Trend Continues with Cookie Monster



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    With Betty White's resurgence pinnacled by a Saturday Night Live hosting gig (or was it a Snickers commercial?), the practice of using Facebook to get 'er done has maintained momentum.

    This time, the legendary-to-the-point-of-never-needing-a-resurgence Cookie Monster is pressing the virtual flesh with a Facebook campaign. Sesame Street has loads of potential talent for this gig, but CM is up first.

    As of the morning of the Nov. 29, there were 105,095 people who 'like' the idea of bawdy sketches involving hand puppets. And Mr Monster has already had a cameo on "Family Guy" (pictured).

    Well, there's no guarantee of bawdiness, but maybe a skit or two is better than a monologue?

    Either way, the vid on the page is especially endearing and may well lead to (even more) anarchy over at the Peacock. (Disclosure: This website is owned and operated by NBC Universal, also known as The Peacock around the water cooler.)