Flash on the iPhone 4: The Best Reason to Jailbreak

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    Add Flash to the list of things a jailbroken iPhone can do that a handset flying the Apple flag can't. A "black market" app called Frash will enable the service on your iPhone, paving the way for you to enjoy all the free games, video and more that runs on Flash.

    You know all those annoying blank squares that litter the Internet when you're browsing on the iPhone or iPad? Now all you have to do is tap them, and you'll get to enjoy whatever Flash is hiding on that page.

    Frash comes from Comex, the same developer who created the browser-based JailbreakMe, a tool that makes jailbreaking your device as easy as visiting the site and going through some options. It will work with the iPhone 4, the 3GS, third generation iPod Touches and iPads. It's worth saying, though, that once you jailbreak your device you're pretty much on your own.