Floating Office for Tech Entrepreneurs Must Sail Away, SF Port Says

Though it floats and hosts meetings, this boat is no office -- and must move.

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    It's time for the office ship to ship off.

    An old 135-foot ferry docked at Pier 50 in San Francisco has done duty as a floating office for tech companies, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    But Port of San Francisco rules mean that the MV Maritol must set sail -- the port is for working vessels, not floating offices -- or be evicted, the newspaper reported.

    The Maritol has been an office since 2011 -- and in that time, it has not sailed. Not only that, the "techies" aboard don't know how to sail, the newspaper reported.

    $30,000 worth of repairs are now being made to the boat, so that it may chug around Alcatraz Island and return.

    The rules of a tech company are also different from port rules. The lease for the boat doesn't mention office space -- nor does it encourage people to live aboard. Or to party aboard -- all of which appears to have happened from time to time.

    The Maritol may set sail this winter, the Journal reported.

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