Food Replacement Drink Soylent Nets $1M in Funding, Internet Freaks Out

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    Soylent -- the cheekily-named company that seeks to produce a nutrient-rich food-replacing drink -- secured $1 million in capital funding on Monday.

    And then the fun began.

    Soylent is either "just a protein shake" dreamed up by an entrepreneur -- or it's part of the larger class war enveloping a Silicon Valley that's pushing itself further and further away from reality, according to Wired.

    Soylent is a way to live without the hassles of eating, a way to free consumers from the tyranny of choice over what to eat.

    Soylent is also "pitched in Silicon Valley innovation-speak," which means funders liked what they heard when Soylent creator Rob Rhinehart spoke of a way to eat that was both "rational" and "empowering," Wired wrote.

    Except the problem is food is not a problem choice for most of the world -- it's a problem as in there's not enough food. Soylent is a product borne of a time and place when office perks include limitless free food -- an "out-of-reach luxury" for most people across the world.

    "If indeed funding innovation is what venture capital is for," Wired's Marcus Wohlsen writes, "Soylent at best seems like a trivial solution to a non-problem.

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