Forbes Wonders Whether Microsoft Should Relocate to San Francisco

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    A Forbes report says new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella should move his operation to Silicon Valley.

    Forget the Google bus: How does the Microsoft Mobile sound?

    The Seattle-area tech giant has a new CEO -- and in order to innovate, new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella should move the company to the Bay Area -- specifically, to San Francisco, according to an editorial in Forbes.

    That sound you heard was the collective groan of a thousand souls who don't work in tech -- and some that do.

    Tech companies are behind a 12 percent jump in rental prices in the Bay Area, according to CNN. So if Microsoft -- which declined to comment on the possibility of a massive move -- dives into waters already containing Apple, Google, Yahoo, and Genentech, just what will happen?

    Forbes estimates it would take "billions" for Microsoft to make the move, which would cause a change in culture as well as scenery: Gone would be a workforce more interested in steady jobs than disruption, and gone as well would be an "adversarial" atmosphere in regards to capital investment, the website said.

    So far, Seattle's finest think little of the idea: a poll on the Seattle Times Web site overwhelmingly says that the notion is half-baked.