From LA to NYC, on Electricity Only: Elon Musk's Road Trip

Tesla Motors CEO is going to spend six days driving -- and only nine hours charging.

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    Bryan Mitchell/Getty Images
    A six-day trip across the United States needs only nine hours of charging a battery, Elon Musk says.

    Elon Musk is going on a road trip -- a 3,200-mile, all-electric road trip across the United States.

    The Tesla Motors founder and CEO is ready to show off the prowess -- as well as every-day practicality -- of his company's Model S with a road trip from Los Angeles to New York.

    That's a six-day trip -- of which only nine hours will be spent charging his car's battery, he tweeted today.

    According to TechCrunch, a successful trip will allow Musk to silence "naysayers who maintain that" travel by electric car simply won't do -- and is in fact "impossible in some circumstances."

    Musk says that he'll be able to charge the car in normal stops to eat or pee -- in other words, like a normal drive, minus the stops for gas.