GE's Visible You Gives You a Live Glimpse Inside Your Body

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    Now this is neat. GE's Visible You is similar to Microsoft's Kinect, but instead of letting you play video games with your body, it acts as a living X-ray.

    Essentially, you stand in front of a screen and a camera then turns your movements and posture into a skeleton that matches everything you're doing. You can also turn on layers that show your muscles and cardiovascular systems in action as well. It's not a real X-ray, obviously, instead using cameras and sensors to determine your body shape and size and creating a model that matches it in real-time.

    I don't see why they couldn't turn this into something that worked on the Kinect, either. So come on, GE! Make it happen, because not all of us can make it to the Shanghai Expo.

    CNET via Gizmodo

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