Glove Friendly Touchscreens Will Let You Play Angry Birds in the Cold

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    What good is a touchscreen phone if you can't even use it when the weather is freezing your fingers off? The next generation of touchscreens might make that pesky problem a thing of the past.

    According to Patently Apple, Hitachi has developed a new touchscreen panel that can "detect insulators like plastic and cloth." That's terrific news. The cold is starting to chill us here in New York City and we'd prefer it if we didn't have to take our gloves off to play some Angry Birds or DoodleJump.

    We would really dig an iPhone 5 with a glove friendly touchscreen. It'd save us from forking over $18 for some Agloves or looking stupid using sausages as a stylus

    The glove friendly touchscreens should be available next year, plenty of time for hardware makers to integrate it into devices.

    Patently Apple, via Cult of Mac

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