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Google Expands Palo Alto Presence

$10 million buy caps off 1 million square feet of new acquisitions



    Google Expands Palo Alto Presence
    The Android is moving into Palo Alto.

    Google may be too big for Mountain View.

    The Internet search and advertising giant plunked down nearly $10 million for a 22,300 square-foot building in Palo Alto last month, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

    The building, 1010 Corporation Way, is zoned for office as well as R&D, and follows a 200,000 square-foot acquisition two months ago, the newspaper reported.

    Google's buy is at a market high -- the owners of the property will clear a tidy profit after selling the building -- for which they paid $244 per square foot -- for $425 per square foot of space, the newspaper reported.

    Google has secured close to a million extra square feet of office space in the last few months, the newspaper reported, a splurge of expansion that is "fairly unprecedented," according to real estate experts.