Google Glitch May Have Sent 700,000 People to the Wrong Poll

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    Google may aim to do no evil but sometimes forces of nature cannot be controlled.

    A glitch in the search giant's Election Center app may have led to more than 700,000 homes to the wrong polling station.

    A study conducted by political technology company Aristotle says the Google app that was suppose to help would be voters find their local polling place, may have actually sent them to the wrong place, Politico reports.

    Google acknowledged the error and said it is working to fix the problem. But the problem is the election was Tuesday and Aristotle says the glitch struck in at least 12 battleground states.

    The company found the error by running a series of simulations in about 1,000 homes in different states. The data was then compared against Google's app and discrepancies were found.

    For its part, Google says if users notice errors they can contact the Mountain View-based company by using an error link on the app.