Google Nexus One's Sound Quality Could Change Cellphones Forever

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    The Nexus One has superior sound.

    Amid all the blather about technical problems with the Google Nexus One superphone, there's one nugget of information that bodes well for its future: It's a great-sounding cellphone. Behind that superior sound is the Audience A1026 voice processor, picking up sound from two mics and reducing noise in a way similar to the best noise-canceling headphones.

    Finally, someone starts paying attention to the horrible sound quality of all cellphones. But making the handset sound better is just the beginning of solving this problem. As lame cellphone providers continue to attempt to figuratively squeeze a basketball through a garden hose, highly compressed audio can't get much worse.

    Let's hope Google's and HTC's audio-improving innovation will lead the industry into high fidelity cellphone sound in the near future.

    Via Gizmodo