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HTC Desire and Hero2 Could Be Coming to the US After All



    When we first showed you HTC's hot new Android phones, we were understandably bummed that HTC didn't have a North American carrier lined up — and didn't seem to have any plans to get one, either.

    Apparently that could all have changed, as a rumor put forward by the dependable folks at the Boy Genius Report reveals that sources close to the site say the HTC Desire could go to AT&T, while the HTC Hero2 will go with Sprint. It could all be happening rather soon, too.

    In other words, cross your fingers, but AT&T — which will be carrying Google's own Nexus One — will be picking up the HTC Desire as its premier Android "superphone," bringing the handset to the market sometime between May and June. That'll make for two strong iPhone contenders on the iPhone's home turf, and put AT&T in a good place hardware-wise if and when the iPhone branches out to other carriers.

    Sprint, which carried the original HTC Hero, will do it again with the HTC Hero2, though details are less scarce than the AT&T/HTC Desire rumors.

    Either way, though, it looks like the iPhone is going to have some seriously heavy-hitting Android sets to contend with later in the year.

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