InfiniTV Card Beats TiVo Premiere, Records 4 HD Shows at Once

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    If you were excited by the latest TiVo box and its promise of consolidating your cable box and online on-demand services, now there's something that blows it away. This $400 Ceton InfiniTV 4 card installs inside a PC, and then records four TV shows at the same time, twice as many as the TiVo Premiere, and with no monthly service fee.

    The guys at Engadget HD installed one of these low-profile PCI-E cards, plugged a single multi-stream CableCARD into it, ran TV Setup On Windows Media Center, and their FiOS TV service was working like a champ. Suddenly, except for video on demand, the PC was set up to record anything on cable, including premium channels.

    Check out EngadgetHD's review, where they figure out how to record six TV shows at the same time. Remarkable. Pair this up with a home theater PC running Windows Media Center, and you have all the advantages of a TiVo and a PC in one powerful machine.

    Via EngadgetHD