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Inside the Crazy Room Where Apple Tests the iPhone



    Up above is one of 17 such testing chambers, the likes of which Apple used to put the iPhone 4 through the paces. The chambers are manned by 18 engineers with PhDs (so, do two of them have to share?), all of whom, apparently, are right handed.

    According to head honcho Steve Jobs, the chambers are essential as "you have to build these rooms or you don't get accurate results." He also called the test chamber the biggest room on the Apple campus.

    The rooms are what's known as anechoic chambers, which are insulated against external sounds and designed in such a way that it blocks out electromagnetic waves. On top of that, they just look damn cool.

    Well, cool and — if you look at the bottom of the image — frighteningly spiky.

    Engadget, via Gizmodo

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