Is Amazon Planning to Strike Back With a Bigger, Better Kindle?

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    Will Kindle strike back?

    Love it or hate it, one area where the iPad is certainly dangerous is in the e-reader department. If that was all my device on the market did — function only as an e-reader — I'd be looking for new ways to compete.

    Amazon recently acquired Toucho, a New York-based start-up that's developing flexible force-sensitive multitouch pads. According to Toucho, its IFSR sensors are not only cheaper to produce, but can reliably detect inputs from more than just fingers. If Amazon wanted to use Toucho's technology in a new Kindle, then we could finally see a full-color Kindle from the company. What's more, Toucho's screens are rugged enough that Amazon could ditch the glass if it so desired — and we'd love to see a flexible Kindle if that happened.

    I do love me some e-reading, but a dedicated device that's not much cheaper than the iPad won't make a lot of sense soon. A flexible, full-color e-reader? Now that would certainly get me thinking.

    Via the New York Times