Is Google Navigation the Death of Garmin, Magellan and TomTom?

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    Google Chicago's logo, complete with John Hancock Building!

    Google has just released its free navigation software for mobile phones running Android 2.0, much to the chagrin of the big names in the GPS game.

    While folks like Garmin and Magellan have plenty to fear, even companies that use an iPhone app have to be worried too, because this, like most things Google, is just so much cooler than anything out there.

    The new Google Maps Navigation software is everything you would expect from Google.

    First and foremost, it can turn any Android 2.0 device into a turn-by-turn GPS navigator, guiding you to any address you want. It can understand your voice, too: just speak the name of your destination instead of typing it (how much safer is that?), check traffic along the way, or use the car dock that automatically sets the phone into navigation mode, ready to hit the road.

    Check out the images for what this means for the GPS business.