Just When You Don't Need a Kindle App, It Finally Arrives on Mac

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    The Kindle app is finally available on the Mac.

    Amazon's Kindle has sworn off its own hardware before, releasing apps for both the iPhone and the PC. Now, arriving on the Mac, it seems the holy trinity is complete, and it really makes you wonder why you'd ever really need a Kindle in the first place.

    The Kindle app itself is free, and puts you in touch with Amazon's bookstore where you can buy books or access previews of things you may want to read. In our experience these previews have been incredibly generous, a feature by itself that would have us migrating to the Kindle.

    Still, while I love the concept of the Kindle and ebooks, the actual unit never really roped me in besides a decent first impression. With this multiplatform app, Amazon is smart to stretch its ebook store as far as it will go, especially with a looming tablet revolution right around the corner.

    Kindle for Mac, via CrunchGear