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Lenovo's Power Hub Is a Revolution in Laptop Charging



    I'm not a big fan of USB hubs — I really don't need one more thing to carry around — yet I'm also always running out of USB ports between my camera, iPod and what-have-you. Lenovo has a solution, one that's as simple as it is genius.

    The answer? Turn that big brick on your computer's charger into a USB port itself. You plug it into the wall and your computer just like usual, but now you're also plugging an additional cable from the brick into a USB port on your laptop. You lose the one, sure, but that allows you to use the four on the charger itself.

    The obvious downside here is that if you don't have a Lenovo laptop, you may not be able to use this. I can't use the Power Hub on my Mac, for instance. Another downside? It's $80. This is the kind of innovation we love to see, though, and we're just hoping other companies follow suit. In a pinch it's nice to have those extra slots on a laptop instead of having to juggle USB devices.

    Lenovo, via TFTS

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