Living Room Aesthetics, Couples Both Win with Fireplace TV

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    Choosing whether to use a fireplace or the TV as the focal point of a living room, can be a real tug of war for couples with different priorities. Now there's a way to turn it into a win-win situation, with this sleek fireplace that has its own built-in flat screen TV.

    The Safretti Double Vision is a seriously stylish way to include a TV in a modern decorator environment, and you can get it in white, black, or with a mirror finish to match your room's design. The TV part comes in 37-inch and 46-inch versions, good enough to work as a TV in the room, even if it is a bit small for a full blown home theater.

    As a videophile who tends to upgrade TVs pretty frequently, I wonder how much of a deal it is to change the TV part?

    Manufactured in Holland, Safretti does have a US distributor in Mexico that I linked to below. No word on pricing, although I'm pretty sure it's not going to be cheap.