Microsoft Thinks People Still Want to Use Styluses on Touchscreens

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    Who uses a stylus anymore? I guess it still makes sense in certain instances — like with a Nintendo DS — but all in all I find them cumbersome.

    Microsoft thinks you still want to use them, though, and makes a pretty good case for why. Remember the Surface? It's Microsoft's tablet-sized tablet, and the company is showing off its Manual Deskerity system, which sounds like a dream come true for architects, designers and the like.

    Manual Deskerity doesn't rely on just one way to interact with it via touch. Instead, you use your fingers, a stylus and even voice and gesture controls to get the job done — and in different combinations. If you were cropping a picture, for instance, you could hold it down and manipulate it with your fingers while you used a stylus like a hobby knife, slicing away at bits of the photo.

    It's a neat trick, but we have to wonder if it's one that'll ever be taken advantage of. There was a time when it seemed like Microsoft wanted a Surface table in every restaurant, and that obviously never happened. As a drafting table, however, the Surface is undoubtedly one cool piece of tech.