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New Sharp Touchscreen Could Bring 3D Displays to Cellphones



    3D screens may soon be coming to your cellphone.

    Soon enough, it looks like none of your gadgets will be able to escape the 3D revolution — not even your cellphone or camera.

    Sharp has developed a touch-sensitive screen that's designed for both. When held about a foot in front of someone's face, the screen displays a 3D image you won't need glasses to see. As such, the 3D effect can also be a little temperamental: it doesn't have the widest viewing angle, so you need to look at it just right or else it'll be all blurry.

    What's known as a parallax barrier in the screen allows it to switch seamlessly between 3D and 2D modes. On cellphones, the screen would allow for 3D interfaces and media (and, if it ever catches on in America, how about 3D video chat?), though on a camera the technology has some pretty neat applications. Imagine if, when taking a picture, you got a 3D view of the scene on your view finder?

    It's a technology that Sharp has been working on in some form or another for nearly 20 years, but the market was never right for it. Pretty lucky for the company, then, that 3D is the next big push in technology, isn't it? It's also no surprise that Nintendo has a 3D DS on the way, considering Sharp supplies the screens for the device.

    Via PCWorld