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Nissan Opens R&D Office In Silicon Valley

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    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013)

    Monday was a big day for Nissan, and the auto giant came to Silicon Valley to celebrate.

    On the same day the company announces its 50,000th Leaf sale, it also opened a new research and development facility in Sunnyvale.

    Not a bad twofer: The best-selling electric car of all time (so far), and a new way to lure engineers and other tech types to work on the future.

    Nissan becomes the latest international car company to establish some sort of a research center here in Silicon Valley - joining the likes of Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz. The lure? Smart techies who want to take a shot at designing and improving cars.

    This is, after all, the home of alternative fuel companies like Solazyme, and of course, electric car maker Tesla. It's also now where lots of research gets done to help car companies headquartered all over the world.

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