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Now That's Fast: TV Switches HDMI Sources in 1 Second Flat



    You're constantly hearing braggadocio about how fast this or that computer is, or how much quicker the iPad or Zune processor is than its predecessor, and on and on.

    But the most annoying pokiness we all encounter every day seems to be passively accepted: the time it takes to switch HDMI inputs on an HDTV. Samsung finally decided to do something about it with InstaPort Technology, cutting that notoriously slow 4- to 7-second delay when you switch from one HDMI device to another down to one second.

    Well, hallelujah. Samsung announced today that its flagship line of 3D TVs will have this serious juju inside, using tech from Silicon Image. Usually slowing things down is HDCP authorization, that copy-protection routine where devices check with each other to make sure digital content can't be copied. With InstaPort, all that obsessive checking is done when you plug in an HDMI cable, so when you want to switch from one source to another, the video starts streaming almost immediately.

    Great, Samsung. Now maybe the cable TV industry will notice this, and somehow make it so we can switch from one TV station to another in less than 10 seconds.

    Via Silicon Image