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Private Shares of Twitter and Facebook Can be Yours



    You can own a piece of Mark Zuckerberg's company.

    Looking for a good stock tip? How about investing in the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Zynga?

    The Bay Area companies may not be public yet but you can still get your hands on a piece of the billion dollar valuations. That is if you already have a fairly sizable valuation of your own.

    In another example of the rich get to have all the fun, some of the Bay Area's hottest private companies have shares available for investors but they have to be people who are already wealthy.

    San Francisco-based SharePost Inc. and SecondMarket in New York have shares available for companies like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for qualified buyers, according to the Biz Journals.

    The companies link people with hefty portfolios with company insiders who want to sell some of their shares. There is no specific price to get into the game per se, but each transaction has a minimum $1,500 bank fee to close a deal.