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Public Purchase Tracking Site Lets Credit Card Numbers Slip



    A copy of pages cached in Google's search index turned up four credit card numbers from Blippy users.

    Blippy, a site which allows you to share a feed of credit card purchases, found itself in hot water today when a handful of credit card numbers from users with Citibank MasterCards were cached and indexed via a Google search.

    Company cofounder Phillip Kaplanquickly responded that Google was removing the information, and that the information was old data from when the site was still being developed.

    "While we take this very seriously and it is a headache for those involved, it’s important to remember that you’re never responsible if someone uses your credit card without your permission," Kaplan argued.

    Blippy may be best known for getting the roast treatment from Stephen Colbert, who called the site "more exciting than going through old receipts."

    The bad news for Blippy comes shortly after a round of good news in the form of a new round of investment totaling $11.2 million, so the company is doing something right.

    Jackson West has been largely removing himself from online banking for reasons like this.