Puma Decides to Make a Cellphone in Addition to All Those Sneakers

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    Would you trust Puma with your smartphone?

    With all the great choices of phone brands out there, would you trust yours to Puma, maker of athletic equipment? Puma sure hopes so!

    The new Puma Phone, made by Puma and Sagem, features a big ol' solar panel on the back for charging with sunlight. It's also got a 2.8-inch touchscreen, a 3.2-megapixel camera with a flash on the back and a second camera on the front for video conferencing.

    It should be available first in Europe and then in the States. Personally, I'll stick to signing two-year contracts with phone companies I know can make phones, but your milage may vary.

    Geeky Gadgets via Slippery Brick

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