Startup QuiQui Promises to Deliver Using Drones in the Mission

QuiQui says it will fly you items from a pharmacy via drone. In the Mission, of course.

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    The Mission is drone-delivery country.

    Look, up in the sky -- a drone. With your toothbrush and toothpaste.

    A startup wants to begin delivering items from local pharmacies to customers using drones, according to reports.

    QuiQui is making the promise that it can deliver, in under 15 minutes, prescription medication and other necessities to the Mission District -- and the Mission District only, for now.

    The Mission has been picked because it's flat, there are no airports too far away, and, well -- hey, it's the Mission.

    It appears the service is up and running, though the company is looking for investors. (Well, who isn't).

    Visit their Web site for to get on their beta testing list.