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Report: Yahoo Mulls $1 Billion Acquisition of Tumblr

Tumblr may be worth as much as $1 billion -- and Yahoo may be buying.



    Yes, your blog -- and everyone else's, and their advertising attention -- could be worth $1 billion.

    What price a blog software -- and network of bloggers around the world? For Yahoo, about $1 billion, according to reports.

    Yahoo is considering acquiring at least a piece of Tumblr, several tech news sources reported this week. It's not clear if Yahoo is going for an investment or an outright buyout, according to AllThingsD and VentureBeat.

    If it's the latter, Tumblr -- despite taking home about $13 million in revenue -- could be worth up to $1 billion thanks to new advertising efforts.

    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has made acquiring startups -- or, as the blogs put it, acquiring "cool" -- a hallmark of her tenure in the corner office at Yahoo, the brand of which has taken a hit in recent years.

    Tumblr's value may be in its future. Tumblr recently introduced a mobile ad platform, and Yahoo -- as well as everybody else -- is very interested in monetizing mobile.