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Rupert Murdoch Wants Google Protection Money from Microsoft

Talks between Microsoft and News Corp. could result in the latter quitting Google



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    Rupert Murdoch may make good on his threats to leave Google -- if Microsoft comes up with the right price.

    Rupert Murdoch might make good on his threats to take his publishing properties, including the Wall Street Journal, out of Google's search index.

    And he might just convince Microsoft to pay him to do it.

    Microsoft, which runs the Bing search engine it hopes will win Web search market share from Google, may offer Murdoch's News Corp. money for an exclusivity arrangement.

    However, sources familiar with the negotiations doubt that Microsoft will become a cash machine for publishers.

    Instead, it seems that companies are trying to play Google against Microsoft, Yojimbo-style, hoping to win concessions from one, the other, or both to make publishing on the Web more profitable for themselves.

    Bing's market share did grow in October according to ComScore, but so did Google's, meaning that, as usual, Yahoo is the loser.

    Jackson West thinks removing Fox News from Google search results could easily be sold as a feature.