Sanyo Electric Bike Now Gathers Even More Power on Its Own

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    We love cycling, but there are some days we wish we had this new Sanyo SPL Eneloop hybrid bike to do some of the heavy pedaling for us. These latest models are even more efficient than their regenerative braking predecessors, because now not only does the bike recharge itself as you go down hills or put on the brakes, but it gathers power as you're peddling on level ground as well.

    After all, climbing hills is pretty much the only obnoxious part of bike riding for us lazy bones. If that's important to you, be prepared to shell out $1,800 for one of these nerdy looking conveyances on April 21. For us, it might be worth it, because riding an electric bike is a special kind of thrill, especially if the batteries last a long time. But come on, Sanyo, do they all have to be girl's bikes?

    Via Engadget