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Silicon Valley's New Money Focus of Upper-Crust Matchmaking Service

Matchmaking service built for busy -- and rich -- tech titans


    Meeting the perfect match -- perfect for your tax bracket -- could happen with a high-profile matchmaking service for Silicon Valley new money.

    Money can't buy you love -- but it can buy you access to Richard Branson's island, where you can then find love.

    Trips to the Virgin tycoon's own speck of sand in the Atlantic can be had for $45,000 via Kelleher International, the "long-running, high-end matchmaking service" that is turning its attention to Silicon Valley's heaps of new money, according to the New York Times.

    The minglings organized by Kelleher aren't mere singles mixers: they're meetings of a very exclusive elite, invitations for which are not handed out willy-nilly.

    Kelleher has 16 offices around the world -- out of 1,000 monthly inquiries, only 10 are accepted as clients, the newspaper reported.

    Rates run from $15,000 for "unlimited matches in one city" (so pick big for ultimate value), to $150,000 for entry into the  "CEO Club."

    The company has deeper roots than Silicon Valley's relatively recent wealth -- but is competing with other services for clients, such as The Millionaire's Club, the newspaper reported.

    As for the ability of an island to foster love, platonic and otherwise, CEO Amber Kelleher Andrews waxes hopeful: "I’ve seen it at TED, I saw it at Sundance and I know it can happen at" Branson's, she told the newspaper.

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