Sony Builds Astonishing Roll-Up OLED Display of the Future

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    Look what Sony's done with an OLED display. This 4.1-inch screen is so thin and flexible, it can wrap around a pencil-sized cylinder. Its 432 x 240 resolution still shines bright, albeit not quite perfectly, with some funky horizontal and vertical lines. Even so, it's so much better than any others that came before, it represents a breakthrough.

    We've seen rollable displays before, but never with such apparent contrast and color. And, unlike any previous attempts, this one can keep showing video even as it's being rolled up.

    Sony says the screen has a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 — but these photos look a little too contrasty to be unenhanced. Still, it's so much better than any we've seen, we're astonished. Imagine a cellphone with such a screen that you can unfurl at will. Minority Report newspapers, here we come.