Sony's New Optical Disk Format Could Fit 50 Movies on 1 Disk

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    Sony is working on a new type of blue-violet ultra-fast pulsed laser for optical disks, one that would be used for a new format of super-high-capacity discs. The only problem? We probably won't be using disks anymore when they get around to releasing it.

    It's becoming pretty obvious that streaming and downloading are where media consumption are headed.


    have caught on, sure, but nowhere near as much as DVDs did. And people are watching movies and TV shows via services such as Netflix streaming and Hulu rather than buying or renting a disk.

    Sure, streaming doesn't have the quality of Blu-ray, but it will eventually. And with it just being more convenient to not have to deal with physical disks, consumers have decreasing patience to deal with them. But hey, for archiving and professional uses, I'm sure this new format will be a game-changer.

    Examiner via CrunchGear

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