Spreecast Brings Face to Face Conversations to Live Broadcasts

The social video platform that lets people broadcast together.

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    Seven years after co-founding StubHub, which was sold to eBay in 2007, Jeff Fluhr took a bit of a break. He noted a number of social media and technology trends before deciding on his next move.

    “One thing I noticed was that what had been private conversations were becoming public conversations,” Fluhr says. “Ever since the advent of email, we’d been having these largely private, asynchronous conversations, text-based.

    "Now with the rise of blogs, Twitter and Facebook, more and more of these conversations were happening in the public domain.”

    Fast-forward to today, and meet Spreecast, a social video platform that allows people to continue those public conversations face to face in live broadcasts. It’s available in all major web browsers and in iOS.