State Department's New Frontier: Twitter in Farsi

Last week it was Arabic and today it is Farsi

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    A screenshot of the State Department's Farsi twitterfeed.

    Last week it was Arabic and today it is Farsi.

    Just days after the winds revolution blew through Egypt, the state department launched an Arabic twitterfeed to connect with the people on the streets of Tahrir Square in Cairo.

    US Ambassador Susan Rice also visited Twitter last Thursday to take questions from across the globe about Egypt, Tunisia and what Middle Eastern or Asian country will be next to be bitten with the revolution bug.

    The US State Department launched a new Farsi-language Twitterfeed Sunday to try and be ahead of the curve if something happens in Iran. It can be read @USAdarFarsi.

    The launch of the Farsi feed comes a day before demonstrations in solidarity with the Egyptian uprising where scheduled in Iran.