Tesla Model S to Use the World's Highest-Density Batteries

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    Tesla poses for a publicity shot announcing its new battery deal.

    Tesla has a new sedan on the way, the Model S, and thanks to Panasonic, it'll have even better batteries inside.

    Unlike other companies such as GM that are using large batteries in their electric cars, Tesla opts for off-the-shelf laptop batteries, and Panasonic says its 3.1Ah cells that will go into the Tesla Model S offer the highest energy density in the world.

    This is good news for Tesla, because in the same amount of space used by the batteries in the Tesla Roadster, the $60,000 Model S will achieve longer range. Or, Tesla might opt for using fewer than the 6,831 batteries powering the Roadster. We'll see when the Model S goes on sale, supposedly in 2012.

    Via Autoblog