U.S. Prison Gets "Laser Pain Ray" to Maintain Order | NBC Bay Area

U.S. Prison Gets "Laser Pain Ray" to Maintain Order



    This is the Assault Intervention Device, and it doesn't want to be your friend. It just wants you to behave. If you don't? It'll fire one huge honkin' laser beam at you — we're talking one that's as thick as a CD-ROM is round.

    That doesn't mean this pain ray is looking to burn a hole straight through someone's chest, however. It's entirely non-lethal, and currently being installed in the Pitchess Detention Center in Los Angeles where the wardens there tried it on themselves first.

    Commander Bob Osborne, for instance, described the sensation as "opening an oven door and feeling that blast of hot air, except instead of being all over me, it's more focused." Sounds like we'll be seeing these bad boys in saunas, next!