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US Senate Gets Involved in iPhone 4 Reception Problem



    Really? A US Senator has gotten involved in the now-beyond-infamous reception problem with the iPhone 4? Chuck Schumer of New York just issued a press release calling for Apple to deliver a "clearly written explanation" of the reception problem. OK, this has officially gotten out of hand.

    While I fully agree that any remedy Apple chooses should be offered free of charge to customers, as Schumer suggests, this seems a little over the top. I don't know if Schumer got the iPhone 4 for his niece and hasn't been able to FaceTime properly with her or what, but Apple has already scheduled a press conference tomorrow — lets give them a minute or two, Chuck.

    But while you're waiting, could you please issue press releases about my MacBook Pro's failing battery, the lack of desktop software for Android, and the stupid design of the Boxee box. You know, whenever you have one of those free seconds, which appear to be plentiful.

    Via Engadget