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Will Verizon's Planned "4G" Network be Better Than Sprint's?



    If the rumors we're hearing are true, there could be a super iPhone in your pocket as early as January of next year. Just Tuesday, we heard believable reports of the iPhone becoming available on Verizon in January. Now, the rumor mill has Verizon launching a superfast LTE wireless network this November 15.

    Verizon announced its intention to build a LTE (Long Term Evolution) network last year, so there is some factual basis to this rumor. While LTE is not exactly 4G — it's known as "3.9G" because it doesn't quite comply with 4G requirements — this can be accurately called wireless broadband, and it's on its way to Verizon.

    Meanwhile, AT&T also announced its plans to develop an LTE network in February of this year, with a proposed launch in 2011. The race is on. Now let's see which cellphone giant applies those windfall profits to a viable next-generation wireless network the fastest. This is going to be good.

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