Wireless Live View Lets You Take Pictures From 200 Feet Away

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    Until recently, you couldn't see a live view of your picture as you frame it up on a digital SLR — the only way to see the image was through an optical viewfinder. Now, most of those fancy cameras let you see that image on a viewscreen using Live View, but this Pixel LD-W1 wireless remote control takes that a step further — away from that camera, that is.

    Connect the 2.4GHz transmitter to the camera's flash hot shoe, and take the receiver up to nearly 200 feet away, viewing your shot on a three-inch, 960 x 240 LCD screen. So now you can set your camera on a tripod, hide out in a remote location, and take pictures of fornicating deer. Good times for $335.

    Pixel Enterprise Ltd., via Red Ferret