iPhone Mobile Payments Now as Simple as Buying a Sticker

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    One of the early big doubts many had about the iPhone's chances for success in Japan and Asia was its lack of an electronic wallet function. Softbank has just answered that question with a piece of tech that may soon find its way to the U.S.

    Deceptively simple, yet incredibly powerful in practice, Softbank's new NFC (Near-Field Communications) stickers attach to the back of the iPhone and allows users to pay for goods and services on the go. When depleted, the sticker can be recharged with electronic cash at any time. While Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have announced plans to release NFC mobile payments in the U.S. sometime in the next 16 months, Softbank will release its mobile payment stickers in February for about $36 each.

    Via Softbank

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