iPhone Survives a Trip Into Space and Returns Without Any Damage

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    iPhones in space? Yup.

    For having the guts to launch an iPhone attached to a weather balloon 100,000 feet into the atmosphere, Luke and Max Geissbuhler, I salute you.

    The entire voyage for the iPhone lasted 72 minutes and the father-and-son duo should be very proud of the video that they managed to capture. Although the video was not captured with the iPhone — an HD video camera took care of that. The iPhone's GPS aided the Geissbuhlers in figuring out where the balloon landed after it fell back to Earth.

    The Geissbuhler's didn't have high hopes for the project, despite months of research and testing, but it worked — with the iPhone returning undamaged too.

    Check out the video the Geissbuhler's captured in the video below.

    Brooklyn Space Program, via Cult of Mac

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