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iPhone to HDMI Dongle Is too Little too Late



    Plugging your Apple product into an HDMI port is not that difficult.

    Apple doesn't put HDMI ports in its products because it's too smug. All iOS devices use the 30-pin port, making it difficult to hook them up to an HDTV or external monitor. A special dongle can change that port to an HDMI one.

    Sanwa's 30-pin to HDMI dongle solves the problem nicely. It lets you plug an HDMI cable from your iOS device to your display of choice. If only we cared. With Apple's AirPlay protocol officially in full motion and the hacking community doing amazing things with the software, who needs another dongle?

    The price isn't attractive either. Sanwa is selling the dongle for about $73 in Japan. Where is the knock-off product that is better and cheaper than the official product when you need it?

    Via iPod NN

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