iPod Touch 5G Might Have Touch Sensitive Home Button and 128GB: Rumor

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    Lextech Labs
    The current iPod Touch tops out at 64GB.

    Crunchgear has received what appears to be a photo for a fifth-generation iPod Touch with a touch-sensitive home button. Is this a sign of things to come for future iOS devices?

    As always, the batch of pics are blurry ones, but Crunchgear's managed to learn that the supposedly leaked iPod Touch has 128GB of storage (current iPod Touch tops out at 64GB). Back in January, BGR predicted that the next iPhone would have no home button. It's possible that Apple's not actually ditching the home button but replacing the physical clicky one with a touch-sensitive button instead.

    For the most part, it seems a little early to hear info on new iPods (annual iPod refreshes happen in September), but then again, we just got a glimpse of the next iPod Nano the other day, so anything is game.

    Via Crunchgear

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