Craig Didn't Trust His Own List in Effort to Find Missing Glasses

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    Mr. Craigslist himself didn't think at first to use his own site to find his glasses.

    You'd think this guy would go a little more high tech.

    Many people in the Bay Area and throughout the world turn to Craigslist for everything from old furniture to new cars. It's also good for finding something you might have lost.

    So what does it say when the founder of the company takes the old-fashioned route to find a missing pair of glasses.

    Craig Newmark, posted a sign offering a $100 reward to find a missing pair of glasses his girlfriend lost in the Lower Haight

    It is still posted right on the corner of Page and Divisidero.

    In all fairness, Craig said he also had a posting on Craigslist, he just said his girlfriend wanted to cover all the bases -- and get back the missing specs.