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Man Tries to Escape Cops, Jumps Into Unmarked Police Squad Car

Quick-thinking escape artist orders wrong driver to “get out of here”



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    A man's getaway plan fell apart when he jumped into an unmarked police car.

    A man booted from a bar in Brockville, Ontario reportedly broke free of his police escorts but landed in the wrong getaway car.

    Cary Patrick Cleyndert, 29, allegedly jumped into a nearby vehicle and ordered the driver to “get out of here,” police told The Recorder & Times newspaper.

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    One hitch in the quick-thinking escape: he had picked an unmarked police cruiser.

    Sgt. Surinder Gill told the paper the squad car was providing backup after police were called to the bar because Cleyndert had allegedly refused to leave.

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    Cleyndert was arrested for breaking the conditions of his parole by boozing, according to the Recorder & Times.