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Bacon-Crazed Company Sells Bacon Coffin

Call it proof that the bacon craze has officially jumped the shark, er, hog.



    A Seattle company is capitalizing on the bacon craze with a new product to fulfill the final consumer need — one for a final resting place.

    A bacon coffin is one of the newest products the out-of-control bacon craze has pushed into the market.

    J&D's Foods — aka Justin Esch and David Lefkow, the same Seattle duo that came up with bacon salt and baconnaise — is selling a casket with an unmistakabley bacon-y paint job. The price tag: almost $3,000.

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    "We think that your final resting place deserves the eternal glory that is bacon," the company's website says.

    The casket also comes with a bacon-scented air freshener to make your corpse smell more delicious. No returns of the box are accepted.

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    "We’re probably going to hell for this one," Esch and Lefkow said in an email announcing the new product, Seattle's NBC station KING 5 reported.

    The coffin, for those who care about specifics beyond the porky design, is made of 18-gauge gasketed steel and lined with ivory crepe linens. It also has a memorial tube and an adjustable bed and mattress.

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