Pizza Hut Offers to Rehire Manager Who Refused to Work Thanksgiving

Tony Rohr lost his job at an Indiana franchise over his refusal to work the holiday

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    NBC 5

    Pizza Hut has offered to rehire an Indiana general manager who refused to open his store on Thanksgiving Day.

    The pizza chain's Facebook page was inundated with complaints this week after Tony Rohr lost his job at an Elkhart, Ind., franchise over his refusal to work the holiday.

    Rohr told NBC News his boss said it was mandatory to open the location on Thanksgiving, a new policy he didn't agree with. "All of these people the whole year had been told they were going to have the day off," he told NBC News.

    He wrote a letter to the company and said he wasn't quitting but rather refusing to "comply with this greedy, immoral request means the end of my tenure with this company."

    On Thanksgiving Day, Pizza Hut issued a statement "strongly" recommending the franchise rehire him, NBC News reports, and said the incident should have been avoided.

    "We fully respect an employee's right to not work on a holiday, which is why the vast majority of Pizza Huts in America are closed on Thanksgiving," the statement reads. "As a result, we strongly recommended that the local franchisee reinstate the store manager and they have agreed. We look forward to them welcoming Tony back to the team."

    Rohr, who has worked for the company for 10 years and worked his way up to manager from cook, said he doesn't regret pushing back and said he's glad he did it.

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