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YouTube Stars Getting Ready for Adoption

The dog cat pair is part of a bigger picture that needs the public's attention.



    (Published Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012)

    The latest and possibly most adorable viral video to come out of the Golden State features a rescued orange tabby kitten and pit bull puppy, both 2 weeks old, snuggling in the corner of a laundry basket.

    Posted on Aug. 11, the minute-long video (below) has more 466,000 views.

    Milkshake, the puppy, was among a litter of pit bulls rescued from a Los Angeles shelter and was so young he needed to be bottle fed, according to Kitten Rescue, an LA-based animal shelter. The kitten, Mango, who also needed to be bottle fed, was intercepted during the rescue.

    "The kitten is being raised with the puppies and everyone is doing fantastic," said Michel Campbell, with Kitten Rescue.

    Aside from making viewers swoon, Campbell says she hopes the video will call attention to the hundreds of animals in shelters up and down the state.

    Mango and Milkshake were rescued during a joint project between Kitten Rescue and Best Friends Los Angeles under No Kill LA, a coalition working to end shelter euthanasia in LA.

    Mango and Milkshake will be able for adoption in a few weeks, Campbell said. If you’re interested, contact